AIM provides application assistance for the Excluded Workers Fund, which provides financial help to New York residents who lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic but were not eligible for unemployment insurance and other benefits. 

The Excluded Workers Fund is open to people who:

  1. Lived in New York State before March 27, 2020, and continue to live in New York State;
  2. Are not eligible for and did not receive unemployment insurance or any other COVID-19 income relief or other specified benefits from the state or federal government;
  3. Earned less than $26,208 in the 12 months prior to April 2021; and
  4. Lost at least 50% of weekly work-related earnings or household income at any point in time between February 23, 2020 and April 1, 2021 due to total or partial unemployment, or inability or unavailability to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic or, became responsible for a majority of their household income due to death or disability of the head of household.

Applicants must provide documentation to prove identity, residency, prior income and loss of income.

AIM has specialists who can explain how the program works, who is eligible, and what documentation is needed to confirm eligibility. 

AIM provides this service free of charge to anyone in the community through a grant from the New York State Department of Labor, which administers the Excluded Workers Fund. Our program serves Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben and Allegany counties.

The Excluded Workers Fund provides a one-time payment of $15,600 to eligible applicants who can prove identity, residency, prior income and loss of income. Eligible applicants who are unable to provide full income documentation are eligible for a $3,200 payment. 

The $2.1 billion Excluded Workers Fund is available on a first-come, first-serve basis until the funding is exhausted.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact EWF Assistance Program Coordinator Taylor Tompkins at (607) 962-8225, ext. 126.

For more information about the Excluded Workers Fund, visit