Are you:

  • Interested in applying for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Income benefits from the Social Security Administration?
  • Appealing a denial of your application for benefits?
  • Looking to return to work and wondering how it will affect your SSI and/or SSDI?
  • Faced with an overpayment, or have you been taken off of federal benefits?

If so, AIM can help. Our advocates can assist you with all aspects of your case, including understanding your options, applying for benefits, and appealing denials.

For benefit recipients who want to return to work, AIM’s advocates can explain Social Security’s Work Incentives, including:

  • SSI benefit calculation
  • Impairment-related work expenses
  • Job subsidies
  • Trial work months
  • Extended period of eligibility
  • Expedited reinstatement
  • Ticket to Work

In addition, AIM can help with other Social Security matters, such as the preparation of a Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS).

For more information, contact Julie Partridge-Hitman at (607) 962-8225, ext. 158.