Chief Executive Officer
René Snyder 

Chief Operations Officer, Grant Based Programs
John Zick

Chief Operations Officer, Fee for Service Programs
Rhona Johnson 

Chief Financial Officer
Craig Ridosh 

Director of Human Resources
Brooke Bennett

General Manager
Todd Adams

Director of Information Technology
Lou Ciarlo 

Director of Independent Living Programs
Erin Morseman 

Director of NHTD & TBI Waiver Programs
Rhona Johnson 

Director of OPWDD Supports & Services
Brandy Reynolds

Director of Peer Support Services
Nick Moffe 

Manager of Consumer-Directed Home Care Services
Breanna Wilson

Quality Assurance and Corporate Compliance Coordinator
Tarynn White


To submit a compliance concern via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Compliance Concern Form


Board of Directors:


Sabrina Mineo-O’Connell, President

Chris Petrillose, Vice President

Rick Johns, Secretary

Scott Stewart

Jennifer Granger

Kristen Stewart


We are seeking community members, particularly people with disabilities, to serve on our Board of Directors. We want people with diverse experiences, perspectives, skills and connections.

By law, a majority of our board members must have a disability, which helps to ensure that our mission and programming are developed from a peer perspective. Board members must reside in Chemung, Schuyler, Steuben or Allegany counties, our primary service area.

The board typically meets every other month, and members serve two-year terms. If you're interested, please contact AIM's Chief Executive Officer  René Snyder.