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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) services are individually designed and are provided to waiver participants who have significant behavioral difficulties that jeopardize their ability to remain in the community of choice due to inappropriate responses to events in their environment. The PBIS should be provided in the environment where the significant maladaptive behavior occurs.

PBIS services include but are not limited to:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the individual's behavior (in the context of their medical diagnosis and disease progression as determined by the appropriate health or mental health professional), skills and abilities, existing and potential natural, and paid supports and the environment.

  • The development and implementation of a holistic structured behavioral treatment plan (Detailed Plan), including specific realistic goals that can also be utilized by other providers and natural supports.

  • The training of family, natural supports and other providers so they can effectively use the basic principles of the behavioral plan.

  • Regular reassessments of the effectiveness of the behavioral treatment plan, making adjustments to the plan as needed.

The primary focus of the Detailed Plan for this service is to decrease the intensity and/or frequency of the targeted behaviors and to teach safer or more socially appropriate behaviors. None of these activities shall fall within the scope of the practice of mental health counseling set forth in Article 163 of the NYS Education Law.

The Detailed Plan must include a clear description of successive levels of intervention starting with the simplest and least intrusive level. All plans must be written in a manner so that all natural and paid supports will be able to follow the plan.

An emergency intervention plan is warranted when there is the possibility of the waiver participant becoming a threat to him or herself or others.

For more information contact Terri Colvin at or (607) 962-8225, ext. 211.