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Community Integration Counseling

Community Integration Counseling (CIC) is an individually designed service intended to assist waiver participants who are experiencing significant problems managing the emotional responses inherent in adjusting to a significant physical or cognitive disability while living in the community. It is a counseling service provided to the waiver participant who is coping with altered abilities and skills, a revision of long term expectations, or changes in roles in relation to significant others. This service is primarily provided in the provider's office or the waiver participant's home. It is available to waiver participants and/or anyone involved in an ongoing significant relationship with the waiver participant when the issues to be discussed relates directly to the waiver participant. It is expected that CIC will be conducted on a short-term basis. The need for CIC could occur at the time of transition from a nursing home or at various times during the participant's involvement in the NHTD waiver.

While CIC Services are primarily provided in a one-to-one session to either the waiver participant or a person involved in an ongoing relationship with the participant, there are times when it is appropriate to provide this service to the waiver participant or other in a family counseling or group counseling setting.

Regarding client confidentiality, the sharing of information obtained during a CIC session can only be disclosed in accordance with federal standards and accepted professional standards regarding client confidentiality.

For more information, contact Terri Colvin at or (607) 962-8225, ext. 211.