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Community Habilitation

The OPWDD Community Habilitation program at AIM Independent Living Center is designed to help individuals build rewarding and meaningful connections within the community. The goal of the Community Habilitation program is to give consumers the tools to become as independent as possible in all aspects of life.  These services are meant to be flexible, person-centered and provided in the home or community where an individual wishes to learn more skills.

Social Skills

Consumer has the opportunity to develop social skills in the community. The Community Habilitation Program creates an environment in which the consumer will be able to advance his or her personal social skills by working with a Direct Service Professional (DSP). The DSP will be able to both teach and demonstrate proper social skills.

Community Integration

Consumer has the opportunity to become better integrated in his or her community.  Through opportunities such as volunteering, the consumer will begin to develop new relationships with others in the community. 

Cooking/Food Shopping Skills

The Community Habilitation Program can assist the consumer with cooking and food shopping skills to help him or her develop more independence in the home. DSPs will assist the consumer with all aspects of cooking skills, from meal planning and grocery shopping to meal preparation.

Money Management Skills

An important skill required to achieve a more independent life is money management skills. The DSP will assist with budgeting, bill paying, and purchasing goods and services in the community. 

Activities of Daily Living Skills

To become more independent, consumers need to develop daily living skills. Almost every facet of daily life can be considered an Activity of Daily Living, including bathing, dressing, housework and laundry. The DSP can help the consumer develop them.

Basic Hygiene Skills

The Community Habilitation Program can provide teaching in several areas of basic hygiene skills. DSPs will help consumers recognize what hygiene products a consumer needs and where they can purchase the items. DSPs will also make the consumer is able to perform basic hygiene skills.

Interest Exploration

Everyone has unique personal interests, and may wish to explore new interests and opportunities. The Community Habilitation Program will provide an avenue for consumers to explore their interests. From volunteering opportunities to exploring what the community has to offer, the consumer will be able to experience a wide variety of opportunities of their choosing.  

Public Transportation

In order for any person to be live independently and experience what their community has to offer, they need to be able to access the community. Utilizing public transportation can allow a consumer better access to the community.  The DSP can help the consumer use public transportation. This can range from learning how find different modes of public transportation to learning a local shuttle bus schedule and the locations they can visit.

For more information, contact Danielle Adriance-Wensel at or (607) 962-8225, ext. 154.